A Fundraiser for My Friend in Need!: Seminary Grad’s Wife Battles Brain Cancer

One of my best friends Steve Bohannon and his wife April Bohannon have been battling brain cancer from the time they got married. In 2009 April had a re-occurrence of Brain Cancer that they thought was gone. April has been out of work for two years, leaving Steve to share most of the financial weight. Steve is a Seminary grad from Westminster Theological Seminary, who aspired to do PhD. work in the New Testament, but all that has been on hold since the cancer. Steve has not only not been able to do a PhD., but with April out of work, he has had to help with the financial load, which is unbearable with the medical bills. If you are moved to give please go to this link and contribute: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-for-the-bohannons/59279

Steve and April write:

“As most of you know, since 2003 I’ve been fighting brain cancer. Ever since 2009, I have had four occurrences, all of which I have beaten. I was just diagnosed with another occurrence last week, which means that I will be continuing on treatments in the upcoming months. My insurance is currently through COBRA, which is a major financial strain on my husband and I. We have received help from friends and our church to get through this past year’s payments, but we are hoping to raise funds to get through the upcoming months, until September, even as we both continue to seek out another avenue for insurance. In the meantime, would you consider helping us cover the cost of insurance payments and medical treatments through September? Thanks to so many of you who have helped us get through these past years and to those who will continue helping in the future.”

PLEASE NOTE: If you are more comfortable donating to a charitable fund using personal check rather than the internet, please send tax-deductible donations to Steve’s parents’ church at:

Old Fort Baptist Church

10505 Dorchester Road

Summerville, SC 29485

Please include a note that your contribution is for the Bohannon Medical Fund.

Thank you!

Steve & April

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